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Here are recent testimonies of what the Lord is doing through this ministry!

Deliverance from fear of death, medication and unbelief

My name is Chris, and my wife I began attending meetings regularly with Geri about September 2013. I could barely go outside for fear something would get me, and could hardly sleep because of nightmares of death, feelings I was being tormented and I just felt hopeless. Praise the Lord! Just six months later, through the Lord's grace and wisdom revealed through Geri, I am healed of fear of death. Also, I used to be on depression medication, anxiety medication, thyroid medication, vitamins and other pills. As of now (March 2014) I am HEALED and off ALL meds. This was only the Lord, and He has used Geri in great ways. Lastly, the Lord more recently delivered me from unbelief. Through Geri's teaching, I saw that pride is the cause of unbelief in the Lord and what He can do. In Jesus name, this is just the beginning of a lifetime lived for Him. Thank you, Geri, for your love

"Delivered from 'Big Belly' Spirit"

I wanted to tell you something that happened to me when I got home from the seminar last Sat., but I wanted to wait until the doctors appointment which was this afternoon at 1:00 pm. Here it goes:As you know I had company for two weeks here at our home, anyway, when I got home Sat. night I started walking around the apartment anointing it. I had picked up my husband from work so he was also home with us. As I was walking around and praying, all of the sudden the black pants I was wearing to the seminar fell straight to the floor. I mean just fell off me. I thought an elastic had torn or something but no, everything was still the same. I started laughing and my son said, "Mom, did you lose weight?" Thank goodness I wear a girdle inside that look like shorts (which is too loose now anyway), but can you believe that?! This is a pair of pants that I started wearing because the others were too big on me. Now this one is too big. God is Awesome!

I know you where preaching about a spirit that makes the belly larger and something about the thighs. Truly Geri, I keep asking God to take all the junk off me. I say, Lord, if it's not your, I don't want it. Well, I had a doctors appointment today. I have lost 13 lbs. in one month. If people don't believe this is deliverance, they just don't know.By the way, they also checked my sugar and it was 71 (normal 70-120). What do you think about that?! I am so glad I was able to go on Sat. Wasn't sure if it was going to be re-schedule or not. I'm glad it wasn't.

OH! Remember, God also delivered me from fear of driving on the highways. Out of all the days to go on a highway, This past Saturday!! DELIVERANCE!! Praise His Holy Name!!
God Bless you!!
Zee (Forney, TX)

"Healed of constant back pain"

"After spending most of my life with varying amounts of persistent, constant back pain, I am now experiencing the joy and flexibility of having a healthy back at age 41. Since my early teen years, I was treated by chiropractors for the pains in my back. Their help was only partial and temporary. At age 28, I fell into a hole in some plywood flooring and was badly injured. .Regular chiropractic visits, a routine of exercises and a steady intake of ibuprofen became "normal". Then years after my fall, I was doing fairly well until sudden, INTENSE, and unexpected low-back pain literally crippled me. I could not stand without assistance from narcotic pain medication, a walker (or cane), and a fraction back-brace. Over the course of that year I went through a battery of different doctors, tests, injections, medications, therapies, and diagnoses. I made minimal progress, and was heavily medicated. My faith in Christ was severely tested.

It was finally concluded that my lowest two discs were herniated and needed to be replaced with synthetic ones; spinal fusion was not an option because that would aggravate the degenerative disc disease. The replacement surgery was to be delayed for a year to determine if the benefits would be worth the risks. I'd lost my job and home due to my inability to function normally. I was staying at a friend's house. I had applied for Disability Benefits and was denied. My finances were consumed by the medical costs; my hope was crushed and dying. Confusion and despair clouded my mind worse than the morphine, muscle-relaxants and anti-depressants.

It was at this point that I met Geri McGhee. She led a women's prayer circle at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp. She did not know my situation and asked for my prayer request. I said I wanted direction from God for my life. She asked me if I'd been in pain lately and I laughed out loud before briefly summarizing the events of the previous year of torment. Geri then asked if I'd been having trouble forgiving someone. Yes. In the safety of that prayer circle, I was able to share a secret that I'd kept for more than 10 years. I was finally able to really forgive and bless some people who had hurt and/or offended me. As I released that guilt and anger, the bitterness and emotional pain also left. Geri prayed for deliverance and healing; she took my hands and lifted me out of my chair and she said "I'm taking you out of your place of pain, and into your place of healing." Then she asked me how I felt. I laughed and cried at the same time because the pain was GONE, flexibility had returned and my hope was renewed...all in one moment. I realized later that not only was the intense acute pain gone, but so was the chronic ache.

Since that time (Dec. 2003), I've flown to visit my parents in New York, swam the butterfly in their pool, weaned myself from all medications, worked at Hobby Lobby hoisting freight, and haven't been to the chiropractor because I haven't been in pain. For two and half years, and counting. I have been free from the tyranny of back-pain, the life-style of pharmaceuticals, and the torment of unforgiveness. Thank you Jesus, my Lord."
Laura H. (Siloam Springs, AR)

"You have been an exceptional blessing"

"Geri: You have been an exceptional blessing to me and the whole body of believers here. Thank you so much for coming -- for all the blessed work God has done in your life. Reports of lives being changed are still coming in. I am inspired and grateful. May His Holy presence be with you -- always."
Pastor Mary Fricks (Vineyard Workers Church) Bowling Green, KY

"You Made a Difference"

Thank you for blessing my day. I received so much from the Lord during your last seminar at Lindale. I look forward to the one in March... I have invited some others also .Please know that your obedience made a difference in this "old" woman. May God bless you in all you do.
Margie H. (Wills Point, TX)

Deliverance and Restoration

Our association with Geri McGhee and Abiding Life Ministries date back to 1987. The power through the Spirit’s Anointing of this ministry continues to grow. This last weekend, the meetings in Bowling Green Kentucky were a continuance of the Lord’s glory being released in the hearts and spirits of those that attended. I was not an exception. The teaching on being “swallowed up” allowed so many of us to once again “see with our eyes, hear with our ears, understand with our hearts that the Lord might heal us.” The proportion of the deliverance and restoration present in this meeting was wondrous. The Anointing was there to break every enslaving yoke. For me, the barriers between me and my Lord and King were removed. I can once again place my hand in His hand as a child and look forward to the future with a joyful expectation of His promises. Truly a spiritual victory of the highest degree. Physically, I was in pretty bad shape both Saturday and Sunday. My ears, sinus and glands in my neck and tissues in my scalp were all inflamed. This has cleared up.”
Jim L. (Louisville, KY)

Delivered from Fear

Wow, so many revelations! The teaching is truly breaking through, Geri! Hallelujah!! I saw how it not only affected me but also my boys! Before this I would have been stressed about how I missed it and looking back with the attitude of that whiny, weeping “why didn’t I hear- how could I not know”. Followed by fearful thoughts about how the boys were going to be adversely affected. But PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT ALL FEAR! As you know, this weekend was such a powerful weekend (and the effects aren’t over yet). Praise the Lord!! The boys and I will be back next month for sure and this time there will be neither turning to the left nor the right.
Carol Y. (Dallas, TX)

Sinuses Healed

"The seminar was such a blessing.and is still being a blessing. The process is ongoing. I purchased some of the tapes and I am still being blessed. I never really realized how much fear and other things had held me back from reaching God's fullest potential for my life. Although God is certainly not finished with me yet I feel like I have been liberated and released from prison walls after years and years of bondage that I probably didn't even realize I was in. I just know that sometimes it felt like I was trapped and couldn't seem to get out. Your teaching opened up my understanding to a number of things that had happened and were going on in my life. I not only received inner healing but I received physical healing. In the last day my sinus were cleared as you were teaching. I had been telling the Lord I wanted sustained victory and your seminar gave me some answers as to why sometimes we can't seem to get the victory.."
Manassa W. (Athens, TX)

No More Pain!

Since your June 2004 Austin, TX seminar I have not taken another pain pill or had another pain in my back. 9 years ago, I was in a car wreck that left me with 2 crushed vertebras. Since then, I had been taking 30mg. Vicodin per day and still in constant pain. At the seminar, God healed my back and delivered me from addiction to pain medication. Praise His wonderful name.
Judy K. (Austin, TX)

"I haven't had a single pain in my back. Those sharp knife like pains I had been getting that were becoming more frequent and almost daily. Ever since you prayed for me, I haven't had a single one. Also, God delivered me from a constipation problem that I had since I was a little girl."
Anonymous (Rockdale, TX)

Freedom from Food Addiction

At the conference in Austin this past weekend, the Lord delivered me from a food addiction that I had been battling since I was a teenager. I listened to your tape on Addictions. You ministered on the "law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus" which has made us free from the law of sin and death.

You said that if we will submit our cravings to the Lord, listen for His instruction for "how much" or "what" to eat, then DO IT; we come out from the law of sin and death and we activate the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus! That information, along with your prayers of deliverance have helped me more than I can say. Thank you.

I have been so excited about eating what the Lord suggests and not arguing with myself about it. I had finally reached a point where I knew that I could DO NOTHING about my problem. I had been legalistically trying to change myself from the outside in for years, but glory to God!!! your teaching and ministry has opened my understanding to new revelation! Thank you immensely.
Michelle (Houston, TX)

Healed of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Lord healed me of Carpel Tunnel in November when you came to San Antonio. My left hand used to hurt so bad when I wrote anything and it would go numb on me daily. It was so bad that my hand would go numb on me at night when I was asleep and the pain from being bent backwards against the wall would wake me up. My hand would go numb while I was driving, writing, and even just sitting still. But, when you asked me to repent of making judgments and being angry in the ministry I did and the pain left immediately. God is faithful ALL the time.
T.F. (San Antonio, TX)

Freedom from Worry

"I don't remember when I have felt so at peace. I drove home from the seminar feeling like I had gone into a Holy Ghost rest. My whole body was relaxed and it has carried over into the week. I've slept like a baby every night. This is not even close to the reaction I was expecting. I've been so fragile lately that I've been afraid to talk to anyone in case they say something that might take me over the edge. I was surprised that I felt so safe. Thank you for working with me."
M.J. (Duncanville, TX)

Healed of hyperparathyroidism and hypercalcemia

Last year I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism and hypercalcemia, a possible life threatening condition. After many varied tests and a few visits to the endocrinologist, he advised that a partial removal of my parathyroids would be necessary. Of course, I told him no, that was never going to happen and what did he suggest as plan B. Second choice was hormone and other life-long medication.In July I went to my internist for a physical.The results of my blood work came back perfectly normal with no signs of the former problem. I know that the Lord Jesus healed me during the June Abiding Life seminar and that's the good news of the gospel! Once again, I praise Him for His faithfulness, lovingkindness & mercy."
S. Little (Dallas)

One of the Best!

"This is one of the best Luke 4:18 tools that I have seen yet, in helping people get free in Christ. This Inner Healing Seminar, by Geri McGhee continues to help many people get free from wounds, bondages, fears, etc. in the soul area of our lives. We want to see the Body of Christ FREE to fulfill their destiny from God. God bless you as you pursue a life that is free, intimate, & full of Jesus Christ"
Jon Dorris, Jubilee Global Mission

Back Healed

"Just my thanks to you for your past conference in Rockdale. What an awesome time of healing and deliverance! I have learned so much and I received so much inner healing from the beatings I received from my dad as a child which was the cause of my back problems. I am so very grateful to the Lord for healing my back! I appreciate you so much for teaching the truth. The truth will set us free, free indeed!
Beverly B. (Georgetown, TX)

Deliverance from Self-Rejection

"We are all being delivered daily as we turn to God in repentance and walking in that newness of life. May God richly bless you for your obedience in sharing the part that He gave you. I was so encouraged by the word that was spoken. I was personally delivered from a spirit of self-rejection which also opened me up to hear all the lies that the enemy was telling me. I pray that God will continue to draw you to Him and use you in a mighty way." Much love...
Judy and Mickey P. (East York, PA)

Healed of A.D.D.

"I was one of the featured speakers at the Houston Spiritual Warfare Conference where you spoke on "Spiritual Roots to Diseases."I was healed of ADD.In the weeks leading up to the meeting, I could not focus more than 15 minutes on any one thing. I had a problem even making my bed. I would get one side of my bed made and before I could get to the other side, I would get sidetracked to 3 or 4 more things. Now, I am able to focus on one job for 7 or 8 hours. All praise and honor and glory to Him."
Dee K. (Houston, TX)

Healed of Hemorrhoids

"Through your teaching on prenatal wounding, I was set free from many things but didn't know the scope of it all. When I got home, I found that the hemorrhoids I had been suffering with were gone."
Anonymous (Arizona)

Healed of 22 Years of Back Pain

"When we attended your seminar in Beaumont, TX approximately a year ago, I was having nagging pains from my shoulder to my elbow that felt like a sharp constant pain down to the bone. When you ministered to me after the service that night, the Lord revealed to you that it was caused by responsibility placed upon me by my parents to look after my sister without the authority to make her mind me. We were just kids from the second grade on when this began.When you identified the problem and ministered deliverance, the pain left.It has not returned.”

“The second area of deliverance was severe back pains that I had had since a car wreck in 1975 in which I lost a limb (below knee) and my good friend was thrown from the car and hit a guy wire on a utility pole.He had a broken back and a head concussion and was not able to speak but was conscious. After I was released from the hospital, I went to his room to see him not realizing the condition he was in. Everyone had told me he was okay in order to keep me from worrying since I was not able to see him while I was recovering myself.He died nine months later. Then the Holy Spirit revealed to you that whenever I went to see him and saw the condition that he was in, that when I grasped his hand and broke down feeling utterly responsible for his condition that it was at that moment a soul tie spirit attached itself to me in my back.After you ministered to me and broke this soul tie, I've not had any back pain in this area since."
Donald J. (Kirbyville, TX)

Healed of Rheumatoid Arthritis

"The wounds and pain I carried in my heart was an overwhelming burden and had a strong effect on my body that had been crippled by arthritis since I was a 5 year old child. Praise God! He heard my cry for help and set my feet on the path to healing, both inside and outside!As I learned to apply the disciplines of exposing the roots of my judgments and yielding to the work of the Father's forgiveness and deliverance in my heart, I saw the pain and swelling in my joints steadily decrease until all the symptoms that made the arthritis a torment to me were gone! My shoe size went from an 8 to a 7 1/2. I look around today and try to find the limitations to my life because of the arthritis and there are none!He truly is the Savior and Healer He says He is! I'm so glad He loves me and I love Him!
D.Eberhart - Carrollton, TX

Knee and Shoulder Healed

"We are hearing good testimonies from your seminar.As for my testimony about healing, over a period of weeks we had cried out for my healing in three areas:the bottom of my right foot was bruised under the "arch" and the skin close to breaking through; then when it got better my right knee became painful when bending, sometimes even giving way. I began to worry that it might be arthritis, since I had thought last year I was getting a hooked joint in my right shoulder. However, when we were crying out in your February seminar for healing of another person's knees, I suddenly realized that I myself had no pain or discomfort in any of the three former trouble spots. They were completely healed and are to this day. Your brother in Christ,
Pastor Bill - Rockdale, TX

Thank you...

"Thank you for coming to our area and sharing from the Lord. My life will never be the same."
L.M. (Pennsylvania)

Healed of Bipolar Disorder and Addictions

"I was set free from a mental bi-polar condition, depression, drug addictions and alcoholism and all the shame and guilt that comes with a life filled with rebellion and sin. The awesome peace of God floods my soul."
S.G. (Georgia)

Healed of Bipolar Disorder

"His hand is certainly upon us and we are being kept from evil.We continually rejoice in the tremendous breakthroughs that we are experiencing.God has healed my son and me of bi-polar.We have now been off all medication for two years without any signs of depression.Certainly, we give the Lord all credit and glory, but He used YOU dramatically and powerfully in our lives when we were at the bottom and had no place to go and no one to turn to.You have played such a significant role in our lives and we are forever changed because of your love and teaching and ministry.We thank God for bringing you into our lives when we were so desperate!!Our lifestyle has been forever changed because of your teaching and the truth that you have spoken into our lives. We have certainly been set free and continually are being transformed into the image of Christ Jesus. Thank you for being a willing vessel. We ask that God BLESS YOU indeed, that He continue to expand your territory, that His hand be with you and that He would keep you from all evil in Jesus name...We love you an are thankful to have you in our lives.
R. S. - Round Rock, Texas

Healed of High Blood Pressure

When you were in Beaumont, I received healing from high blood pressure and also my lower back (three car accidents) was healed, as well."
Carolyn (Beaumont, TX)

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